John Hunter – a forgotten historical figure, but not a bad guy…

by Gaith Bader - Published on: 12 June 2009
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Published on: 12 June 2009

Book cover - An unlikely leader: the life and times of Captain John Hunter Do you know the names of the first 5 governors of New South Wales? Do you know more than just their names? Phillip, Hunter, King, Bligh and Macquarie: 3 notables and 2 nobodies. Here is the opportunity to learn more about the second governor, John Hunter, who commanded the HMS Sirius in the First Fleet.








SUP blogs!

by Gaith Bader - Published on: 10 June 2009
Categories: SUP News
Published on: 10 June 2009

We’ve joined Facebook, Agata twitters, and now we’ve finally got the Sydney Publishing blog up and running. Today’s post is about RemixMyLit, hence the cover image here remaining the same. But we’ve got plenty to say about publishing, new ideas and new research – and we’re sure you do too! So feel free to comment on our posts, link to our blog, and one day soon we’ll learn how to incorporate the posts into this page as well.


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