Indigenous education and Sydney University

by Susan Murray - Published on: 26 August 2010
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Published on: 26 August 2010

Taking Our Place

Taking Our Place explores the creation, in 1975, of the Aboriginal Teachers Aides program which as Linda Burney says, ‘was a groundbreaking program, [as] it opened up universities for Aboriginal people’. Even though this program was ultimately absorbed into the TAFE system, its success provided the catalyst for the creation of the Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC), renamed the Koori Centre in 1992. Today, with its own research and teaching capability the Koori Centre is crucial in offering support to an increasing number of Indigenous students undertaking mainstream degrees at the university. It also provides a focal point for non-Indigenous students wishing to broaden their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal history and culture.

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Taking Our Place: Aboriginal Education and the Story of the Koori Centre at the University of Sydney by John Cleverley and Janet Mooney


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