GPs squeezing more into 15 minute appointment

by Susan Murray - Published on: 27 November 2012
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Published on: 27 November 2012

GPs are fitting much more into patient consultations than they were a decade ago but the average length of the consultation has stayed the same, research led by the University of Sydney shows.

“Our GPs are getting busier and busier,” said lead author Associate Professor Helena Britt from Sydney Medical School.

“‘We are seeing our GPs more often than we were a decade ago, and the GPs are also fitting more into their consultations. For example patients are presenting with more issues, GPs are managing more problems, and doing more tests and procedures — yet the time spent in the average consultation has stayed steady at about 15 minutes.”

Two reports published today General practice activity in Australia 2011-12 and A decade of Australian general practice 2002-03 to 2011-12, provide data on the activities of our GPs and the care of their patients.

The data comes from the Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) program which continuously collects information about clinical activities in general practice in Australia. Associate Professor Britt is director of the program.

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Sydney nominated in Premier’s History Awards

by Susan Murray - Published on: 5 November 2012
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Published on: 5 November 2012

Sydney: the Making of a Public University by Julia Horne and Geoffrey Sherington, has been shortlisted in the NSW Premier’s History Awards in the Community and Regional History Prize.

The book explores the principle of public engagement and how it came into practice and was shaped by succeeding generations. From staff, students and curriculum, to sports, philanthropy, faiths and research, Julia Horne and Geoffrey Sherington probe the meaning of the first hundred and sixty years of Sydney University, one of the first public universities in the world.

Sydney: the Making of a Public University By Julia Horne and Geoffrey Sherington

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