Chronic disease taking up more time for GPs

by Susan Murray - Published on: 19 November 2013
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Published on: 19 November 2013

GPs in Australia are working three hours less per week in direct clinical care, however they are dealing with more health problems per visit, research led by the University of Sydney shows.

“Patients with Type 2 diabetes now account for 8 percent of a GP’s workload, and they spend almost twice as much time with the GP,” lead author Associate Professor Helena Britt from the Sydney School of Public Health said.

Two reports published today General practice activity in Australia 2012-13 and A decade of Australian general practice 2003-04 to 2012-13, provide data on the activities of our GPs and the care of their patients.

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People with disability welcome a new life in retirement

by Susan Murray - Published on: 7 November 2013
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Published on: 7 November 2013

“People with long-term and lifelong disabilities are living longer,” says Professor Roger Stancliffe from the University’s Centre for Disability Research and Policy. “With longer lives comes the need to provide the social support people with disabilities require to have an active, socially connected life in retirement,” he said. Transition to Retirement: A Guide to Inclusive Practice aims to help disability service providers and mainstream community groups include people with disabilities in activities as a way of starting their transition to retirement.

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