Anderson’s lectures on political theory

by Gaith Bader - Published on: 7 December 2007
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Published on: 7 December 2007

Book cover: Lectures on Political Theory 1941-45 Delivered during World War II these lectures present John Anderson’s views on general questions in political theory in relation to the major influences upon his own early education: modern Idealism and Marxism.

At a time of heightened national security planners expressed great confidence that every form of social activity can be accommodated within a general scheme for social improvement, forgetting that “planning could advance only what can be planned for – and that is not culture but commerce” (John Anderson, “The Servile State”).


In place of a simplistic contrast between individual and state Anderson insisted upon the complex interplay of movements, institutions and traditions. His modernist, realist project drew upon the major theorists of conflict, struggle and cyclic historical movement, Heraclitus, Vico and Sorel.
Lectures on Political Theory 1941-45

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