New book on copyright shakes the foundations

by Gaith Bader - Published on: 20 November 2007
Categories: New releases
Published on: 20 November 2007

Book cover:  	The true history of copyright 1905-2005: the Australian experience “Creators will always create regardless of their rights,” says Benedict Atkinson. In The True History of Copyright he debunks propositions previously taken for granted by intellectual property lawyers and policymakers. “Until now, textbooks, lawyers and government policymakers have agreed that copyright laws were made to ‘balance’ the interests of copyright owners and the consumers of copyright products,” he says. “The ‘balance’ theory holds that copyright laws were designed to provide creators with the incentive to produce – without laws, creators and producers would cease production. “My examination of archival and other contemporary records instead shows that most of the 20th century copyright legislators gave no consideration to questions of balance or incentive. They made laws to satisfy the needs of vested interests.”

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